• Couple must complete marriage prep classes prior to attending NFP.
  • Couples must complete NFP classes prior to their marriage date.
  • A complete NFP training is made up of 2 sessions, each session is a month apart to allow for charting.
  • It is recommended to complete the class at least 3 months prior to marriage date.
  • Classes are typically offered on the 1st Wednesday of the month unless noted above.
  • One class is two sessions that must be attended in order; First session then second session since they build on each other.
  • Optional only if needed: a couple may attend the first session in one month and the second session in a following month.
  • NOTE: To avoid interruption, if couples arrive after start time of 7pm they may be asked to reschedule.

For questions, contact Natural Family Planning at nfp@ecrc.us 

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