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This retreat is an opportunity for you to put the burdens of this world aside for four days.  This spiritual retreat entitled Kairos, a Greek word meaning “God’s time” will take participants on a journey to strengthen their relationship with God, themselves, & others.

We offer Kairos retreats for three different age groups: 20-24, 25-30 and 30-40. The retreats give the participants a chance to leave behind worldly issues and focus on God and His love.

Read more about Kairos on our blog here!

Upcoming Dates for Kairos Young Adults:

Young Adult Male & Female Kairos – August 5-8,2021 

The retreat will be held at Capuchin Retreat House in Washington Twp, MI.

Young Adult Males – Click Here To Register

Young Adult Females – Click Here To Register


Stay tuned for Upcoming Retreat Dates for the following:

Mature Adult Kairos (Ages 30-40) – Winter 2022

Adult Kairos (Ages 25-30) – Winter 2022


If you would like to be informed about upcoming Kairos retreats please fill out the form here!

Location: Kairos will take place at a retreat house about 45 minutes away.  Retreatants will meet at ECRC and be driven to the retreat house.  You will be able to leave your car at the center or you can choose to be dropped off.

Cost: $300 

If you need a scholarship to go to Kairos please email kairos@ecrc.us

  • You will need to arrive on Thursday late afternoon and you will return Sunday evening.  Ensure you can get the time off work, school, and other family obligations BEFORE you register.
  • DO NOT SIGN UP SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF.  The person needs to want to go on this retreat, they cannot be forced into it!
  • The rest of the information you need to know (what to bring, what not to bring, etc.) will be communicated with you as the retreat gets closer.  For now, just sign up!
If you have questions Contact Alana Bahoura alanabahoura@gmail.com


“Full honesty: Amazing.  Coming from a negative skeptical person, I can honestly say this is the best decision I’ve made.  The team was awesome at everything they did.  I can now say I’m part of the ‘cult’ 🙂 lol.  I now understand the hype.”

“The feelings that I have about this retreat are truly breathtaking. I gained insight on what being a Christian really means , truly and wholeheartedly.  I gained, rephrase that, I was rewarded with a second family.”

“I was able to interact with different people living different lives and I saw life at a different angle.  I’ve learned that letting go and giving it all to God is something I should have done a very long time ago.  I’m very strong in my faith but this retreat helped me make it stronger and more powerful.  I feel every burden lifted like its a weird-beautiful feeling I cannot explain it.  I love all the leaders and retreatants and I’m very blessed to have experienced this. ” 

“Enlightening experience as a practicing Catholic.  It deepened my understanding of my Catholic faith and lit the fire to go on with passion to continue growing.  It reminded me that God is in everyone and everything good.  Also reminded me that the devil is always hard at work and it is my duty to stop him.  It is my responsibility to stop him.  Also, to first forgive yourself, so you can forgive others. “

“Being able to spend time with JESUS is unbelievable and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to have met amazing people.  This has really opened my heart to become a more open-minded person and spread the name of JESUS.”

“This retreat was amazing to me.  It brought me closer to God.  I have learned to have faith in God and He will take care of the rest.  God was with me these past 4 days, but that’s not true because I’ve learned God was always with me even before I was born.  I just had to bring Him out and recognize He was there.  I will go home with His presence in me and will continue to have His presence in me forever.”

“I can barely describe in words the rewards and successes that I gained.  Its been truly an amazing experience.”

“I found Christ in others through this retreat.  I was starting to loose sight of this, but the retreat has restored it.”