When we hear the word “healing” there are two reactions – “I am not in need of healing” or “Oh no, I am not sure if I am ready to go there and face my wounds”

The goal of this retreat is to experience Jesus in His mission of helping you heal physically, spiritually,  psychologically, or emotionally. This unique retreat will help you experience God’s healing love through teaching, prayer, personal reflection, and adoration. You will be given the opportunity to engage the mind, body and soul through the Sacraments.  

  • Physical healing – migraines, heart problems, auto immune diseases, and many others
  • Spiritual healing – knowing God’s love and mercy, a broken heart, and many others
  • Psychological healing – anxiety, negative thoughts, and many others
  • Emotional healing – emotional pain, rejection, abandonment, and many others

“The Be Healed retreat is for everyone ages 18 +”  

November 25-27, 2022

St. Paul Retreat Center
23333 Schoolcraft
Detroit, Michigan 48223

Registration is FULL. Please click here to be put on the waitlist