Heidi Bratton is a Catholic wife and mom who wakes up every morning believing she has multi-sequencing superpowers. Before falling back into bed at night (after humbly conceding that only God has superpowers), Heidi puts in a full day of taking care of her family, working as an Educational Consultant, Geography teacher and photographer at a local Catholic grammar school, and keeping the fires burning under her many passion projects some of which are writing and publishing Christian children’s and women’s trade books, speaking and event photography. The morning sun wakes Heidi up in Michigan each day, but it has previously woken her up in MA, CA, NH, MN, WI and IL. Heidi and her husband, John, have six children spread over 18 years, three children-in-law and four grandchildren. You can check out all of Heidi’s published work on her website <www.heidibratton.com> or on Amazon.com. 
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