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Couples Stations of the Cross
Friday April 3, 2020
7:00 p.m.
ECRC (4875 W. Maple Rd. Bloomfield Twp, MI 48301)

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Couples Laughing it up on Comedy Night

Over a two-night stretch, 140 couples (280 people total) attended ECRC’ s Couples Comedy Night at Ciao in West Bloomfield.

ECRC Executive Director Patrice Abona and husband Emil, served as Masters of Ceremonies (MC) for Friday Night’s show.

“With a rise of divorce in our community, ECRC saw a need to strengthen marriages,” said Abona.  “Knowing how much the devil hates the family and how strongly he attacks it, it’s important to have a strong foundation.  ECRC revamped the marriage prep curriculum two years ago and it has been getting great reviews.   Those who are already married have expressed how they wish they had this program when they were engaged.   Since we can’t send all married people back through marriage prep, we decided to have intentional marriage ministry.  There are social nights, such as this couples comedy night, but we hope to have more enrichment in the future!  Talks at parishes, small group sessions, and more.”

Comedian Shawn Reynolds joked about fatherhood, being a husband and traveling the country bringing the crowd to laughter throughout his 60-minute stand up shtick. “I had a TON of fun performing for the ECRC date night crowd. So much joy and energy was in the room. You can tell everyone is really close and dedicated to their church family,” said Reynolds.

Chaldean was not a name he had heard much about prior to the performance. “I knew very little. Just pretty much that Chaldean’s were from a Middle East descent,” he said. “I actually Google’d “Chaldean culture” leading up to the show but it didn’t tell me “super fun, high energy, a little chatty, lots of money clips and priests that like to take over Josh Groban concerts.” Didn’t tell me ANY of that.”

He gets inspiration from Life. “Just paying attention to life. Being a husband and father of six, I don’t have to look far,” he noted.

Fr. Bryan Kassa attended both nights and read a Gospel reading and gave a brief talk about marriage before the comedian performed. 

A self-proclaimed “Trophy Husband,” Reynolds inspired a group of Chaldean husbands to sport his T-Shirt with his brand of humor and Slogan.  

“I love being partners with my wife in helping bring couples closer to Christ,” said Al Zara. He has his wife Linda served as the MCs for Saturday night’s show.  “I think the comedian was awesome and really made the men laugh out loud quite a bit, especially in relation to humor about being a Catholic dad. He really hit home on a lot of funny day-to-day things that we go through as husbands. My favorite part was the Participation Award t-shirt which I think all of the men thought was hilarious!”

Wives were laughing it up as well. “We were honored to be the hosts of this wonderful event,” said Linda Zara,  “Drawing awareness to marriage ministry is so important to everyone who was involved with this amazing event.  As a community, we feel the need to continue to have more of these events to help married couples bring Jesus at the center of their marriage.  The comedian Shawn Reynolds was absolutely hysterical and the entire event was so fun. We look forward to many more upcoming events that ECRC has planned for where married couples can come together and enjoy the company of others, each other and the Holy Spirit!” 

In the midst of the humor were real life narratives including one in particular that melted the hearts of the parents in the room. The father of six kids told the story about adopting his 5th child – a boy from the daycare where his wife worked. Sprinkled in the message were funny quips. The kicker story of the night truly summed up Reynolds himself, a kind comedian who can dish out some clean humor that prompted some big belly laughs.   

“The two shows we did were two of the funnest shows I’ve ever done,” said Reynolds. “I really enjoyed being around a group of people who really took pride in who they are and their heritage. I could tell everyone was proud to be Chaldean and had a strong sense of community,” he said. “EVERYONE was SO nice after the show. So many people took the time to stop by my table, thanked me for coming and told me how much they enjoyed the show. It was probably the most people I’ve ever had come up to my table after a show. Which is just very kind and welcoming. Can’t wait to come back soon!”

Shawn Reynolds (
Men posing with “Trophy Dad” t-shirts purchased from Shawn